Backyard Swingsets Save Parents Time and Headaches

Parents never really have enough time. Whether it’s going to work or taking the kids to school, straightening up the house, paying the bills, going food shopping, parent teacher conferences, little league games, or dealing with in-laws, a parents work is never done. So whenever an opportunity comes to lighten the load a bit, it comes as welcome news to parents.

This timesaver comes in the form of an activity for your kids to enjoy while you can relax. Unfotunately it requires that you have a yard and some space to fit a backyard installation. If you don’t have a yard or live in an apartment, we have some consolation tips for you at the end of the article.

Swing Set Installations in the Backyard

Installing a swing set in your backyard gives the kids the opportunities to relax and take a minute or two for themselves. Coupling an entertaining swing set with a back porch to sit and watch from a distance makes this activity one of peak enjoyment for parents. Unlike taking kids to the park or playground, which requires a car, more vigilant watching, potential fights with other kids, and worst of all, other parents, having a backyard playset effectively brings the park to your house. You can sit, have a drink, relax, and watch the kids have a grand ol’ time

Seem’s like a pain to set up, no?

Yes, it can be. You can by the swing set online at lowe’s or home depot (among other places), but actually putting it together can be a bit of a pain in the neck. I would recommend utilizing a playset installation specialist, as I did. They know what they are doing and get it done in probably less than half the time you could do by yourself. They also do all the heavy lifting (of which there is a decent amount). I used Tri-State Assembly for my installation last summer and they did a great job. There are local installation companies all throughout the country, take to Yelp or Google to find one for you.

How long do They Last?

As I mentioned, I only got one installed in my backyard last year, so I don’t have personal experience. I did ask Dave from Tri-State and he mentioned that depending on the brand you get, they can last a very long time. After about 5 years they might require some repairs or maintenance, but he mentioned that he’s seen Swing Sets that are more than 10 years old and operate just fine.

Keep in mind the type of swing set and material used. Wooden Swing Sets look much better, and tend to last a long time, but are more expensive. Metal swing sets can potentially rust and start to not look so good, but they are cheaper, in general. I like to keep aesthetics in mind, largely because the playset will take up such a sizeable portion of my yard, and I don’t want it to be an eyesore.

I hope this has been a handy tip. If you are a parent and feel you need your kids to stay entertained without your help (and don’t want them face down in an iPad all day) consider getting a playset/swing installed in your yard. It will provide years of fun for the kids and (hopefully) hours of relaxation for the parent.

Girl Scouts In Madeira

Being a scout is what every child wants. As the Scouts march in different styles uniformly, that attracts the attention of children, and they wish to be among them. When it comes to camping, some children may fear at the first time. But when these children go camping on that first time, they realize the fun in it and never want to miss the camping events. Sincerely, there are more in events in camping that no other scout will want to miss.
The trip to Madeira was one of the most anticipated camping for the girl scouts around the world. The camping event was to be attended by all girl scouts across the planet. Each and every Girl Scout who was to go to the camping event should have been dreaming of the journey each day. There is the various reason for the event. These reasons include;

To develop an appreciation of nature.
Instilling the importance of the environment to the girl scouts is of great importance. As we all know the scouts are the messengers to the entire population. So, by making them beware of the ways of managing the environment, they will reach to the people and spread the message.

Develop essential skills.
The girl scouts were to attend this camping event to be taught about different skills in life including leadership skills and other survival skills. These skills are to help the girl scouts pass the message to others, and this helps in developing equality in the society.
The girl scouts travelled by plane and landed in London some minutes after noon. They were set to go from London to Portugal by bus to make the trip full of fun and educational. Although other scouts flew to Madeira direct, they were not given a chance to enjoy the serene of Europe. The journey to Portugal might seem long, but it is enjoyable.
The event was hosted in the foot of Pico Ruivo, the highest mountain in the Madeira Islands. The girls arrived full of joy while they met other scouts from different regions of the world. The first activity was to make the tents. Like all other camping events, the first thing is to put up a tent and arrange the belongings inside. Some girls were given the opportunity to stay with families in Madeiran apartments
The evening was quite less of events as the girls were familiarizing with the region, and they were tired too. This kind of camping event is known as travel/travel camping where only adult girls go. The girl scouts slept peacefully due to the long travelling day. They had to wake up very early in the morning as the rules of any camp out is always the same. The routine went on for the two weeks smoothly.

Programs ran in the camping event.
Through the Girl Scout Cookie Sell Program, the girls were taught the skills to manage their finances. This activity also helped them have the necessary knowledge of proprietorship.
The girls were also introduced storytelling sessions that should provide them the speaking and listening skills.
Sporting events were not only meant to be a fun activity but also to keep them physically fit.
Scouts In Madeira
By the end of the two weeks, the Girl Scouts in Madeira had interacted with other girl scouts from different continents and nation. The trip was not only educational but was also full of fun. All the girl scouts must have had a lot to tell the others and pass the experience they had in Madeira. On the return journey, the girls travelled by plane and landed in New York safely. It was a camp out that will never fade in the minds on any girl scout.

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